AN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR (AIA), a tongue-in-cheek, sizzling hot husband-and-wife duo of Adrian Daurov and Sherry Shieh have come together from the far parts of the globe to rock your world. 


Be ready to get your ears arrested by their criminally engaging music making. Adrian is a St.Petersburg Conservatory and Juilliard-trained cello soloist who appeared with symphony orchestras and rock bands all around the world. 


Adrian’s collaborations include performances with music icons like Steven Tyler, Sigur Ros, Alicia Keys and Sarah Brightman, among many others. He has toured with the rock band Break of Reality for several seasons and has been a member of Team Hamlisch, the tribute project to the Oscar-Winning American composer Marvin Hamlisch and recently released an album with them. 


No matter which genre of music it is Adrian is sure to deliver it with utmost expertise and prowess. 


In her blossoming career, Sherry has composed and performed her own music for the Royal Highnesses like Prince Philip of England, for celebrities like Sir Roger Moore and Audrey Hepburn as well as for spiritual lamas like the Tibetan Rinpoche. Her symphonic and film music has been performed by leading symphony orchestras and her multiple albums received great acclaim, including the two Taiwan Grammy Award nominations. 


She garned her degrees in piano performance and composition at Indiana University as well as in private tutelage of film scoring with Luis Bacalov of Tarantino’s Kill Bill and the Oscar-Winning Il Postino fame. 

In recent years, Sherry has also ventured into film production, setting up two film companies and producing several acclaimed films to her credit. 


Fate and Facebook brought them together on a cold 2018 Valentine’s Day in New York City and


Now it is time to see them in action. 



AN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR is an explosive mix. 

To be meddled with caution.